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*sneeze* if this updated more than once... sorry - we're like a band [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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*sneeze* if this updated more than once... sorry [Apr. 2nd, 2004|12:41 pm]


[mood |medicated... it's a mood]

okay... i don't really feel like writing this in my actual journal. and i know this isn't about the band, but it's about us as friends. alright, i haven't been on the computer all week, and i just got on now, and i was reading stuff on carlee's journal, and sarah's and casey's... i mean... yeah.... you guys. carlee, the most, or maybe the best advice i can give you right now (considering how my mind is so bogged down right now) besides actually KNOWING what you need to do for the show tonight, you need to relax and breathe. it's not gonna help any if you down yourself and stress about the small stuff, k? i can't be there tonight, and i'm so sorry for that, but i wasn't allowed to get out of work. but just put happy thoughts in your head and remember that you've got some really great friends backing you up all the way, especially CTS. besides being a band, we were... are.... best friends, and i'll always consider you guys as that. k? i love you muchly.